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some of them challenged police when they tried to disperts crowd. captured on camera, the people clashing with police. >> it was a mob scene, something i had never seen before in my life. people all in the streets everywhere. there were cops on top of cars with bum horns. and i think around 2:00 at some point they brought out the dogs and started pepper spraying. >> police said the initial call came in from recher theater after a fraternity sponsored event drew a record crowd. he closed the doors after add meting 360 people but as many as four times that remained out on the streets. >> some were arrested for disorderly conduct.
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we had three individuals placed under arrest for assaults on law officers. three officers received non-life-threatening injuries. >> the corporal said the violences calated when someone shot a 20-year-old. >> he was walking back to his garage. a dark vehicle pulled up beside him and someone rolled down the window and fired several shots at him. >> the victim was wounded and ran toward towson circle. that gunman is still at large. police have arrested three people and charged them with assault including junior ramsey, demon tai fox and see it ven -- demonte fox and steven daniels. the liquor board and the chamber of commerce will address their
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concerns in the aftermath of this clash. now to the city where baltimore police were on chesterfield avenue investigating yet another murder. last week nih a researcher was shot and killed. now brian kuebler is here with how police are responding. >> reporter: police already added patrols but it couldn't stop a shooting a block away. all police know about sunday night's murder is that it was a drug-related murder. according to witness, they are looking for two suspects. they are continuing their investigation. that makes two murder cases on this street on either side of bel air road. crime stats show that violent crime in the northeast district is down by just under 20% but a
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city councilman hop represents -- who represents the area said it's time to get more resources. >> there's no secret that the resources in the amount of officers they assigned hasn't changed since the 70s. we have to address that. >> now scott said he's already spoken to incoming police officer anthony batts. police say they have very few leads and have made little progress in finding the suspect. coming up at six we head out to the neighborhood and have reaction to the two murders that happened a block away. city detectives investigating applies involved shooting. police got a call for a robbery in the 4200 block of pottery
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street. the officers tried to question him but he started struggling and a backup officer fired at least one shot hitting the man in the stomach. the man was taken to maryland shock trauma. >> your weather today is cool. temperatures making it in the upper 60s to around 70. things will cool off in a big way. 68 in d.c. north and west of town in the lower and middle 60s. we'll see a lot of radiational cooling. we have the second part of this double header going in tonight at 7:35. temperatures will be in the 50s, crisp and cool and waking up tomorrow morning to 52. there's a warming trend in the seven-day forecast. we'll share that with you in a few minutes. a beautiful day for baseball
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and the o's are back in town to enjoy this beautiful weather. today, jamie, i know we're getting closer and closer. is it guaranteed yet? >> we'll find out in 10 more games, kelly. this is what being a baltimore fan is all b we brought that thrilling victory at about the b -- m&t bank stadium. this is an old-fashioned double header. take a look at the people coming in here. the game starts at 4:05 and another one to follow. this line right here at the ticket office has been steady since 1:00 this afternoon. when you have a walkup crowd that breeds nothing but enthusiasm inside the stadium. we talked to orioles fans tonight. >> it's been 15 years.
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it's been a long wait. what people don't realize this used to be the winningest baseball in the major league. >> it' totally -- i'm totally excited. i'm confident we will go past the yankees. it reminds me of the series. >> that's what i'm looking at. champions of the world. >> i'm hopeful we'll get wild card f we cran beat the yankees, that would be awesome, too. >> reporter: kelly, at end of three innings, there's no score. he's on the hill and throwing a shutout right now. immediately after that we start game two. here's where we stafnltd the
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orioles are -- stand. the orioles are one game behind the yankees. so the orioles, we have 10 games left, seven at home. we'll play another one tomorrow night, toronto wednesday night. go to the ravens on thursday and come back here for weekend series. if you want to feel how baseball playoff feels, the shadows have overtaken home plate. that's how it's going to be when we start our playoff run. live in camden yards, jamie costello. >> all right. we'll see you coming up at 6:00. well, after tonight's double header, we're all going to need some rest before the ravens take on the browns thursday night. it was definitely worth staying
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up for. the clock ran out. kind of close. it was a sweet revenge for last year's afc championship game and the game was especially meaningful for troy smith. he had an incredible performance. you know the ravens got the w last night. after the game there were criticisms of the officials. last night was the latest in questionable calls and what many are calling a loss of control by the replacement refer reese -- referees. the refs are still locked in a bitter dispute. as the ravens and patriots left the field, new england's coach, bill belichick appeared to have
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reached his limit, grabbing the arm of an official as he was leaving. he said he did not expect to be fined but will have to wait to see what the nfl response will be. we want to know what you think about it. go to do you think the replacement officials are hurting the game or doing the best they can? week after week with scam alert. we tell you there's no such thing has free money -- as free money and if it looks too good to be true, it probably s we have -- probably is. we have an opportunity many will be able to take advantage of. >> reporter: it'sart of a multibillion dollar mortgage settlement. thousands of you will get mail from the maryland attorney general. if you ignore this this time you could miss out on thousands of
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dollars. this money is not for everyone, only people who have been through tough times. they have been foreclosed upon and their mortgage has been serviced by five different lenders. now in maryland anyone who is eligible noar piece of the mon -- for a piece of the money should get a postcard and a letter, both from the ag's office. you have to return it by january 18th. you'll get a check for at least $840 although you could get close to $1800 and $2,000 and that's home if you return the forms. >> many of the people have been running from the banks and don't open the correspondence or respond to the correspondence from the banks. we want them to this is literally free money for people who have been form closed --
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foreclosed upon. >> reporter: these letters are real and they should have the attorney general's seal at the top. if you want to see what the legitimate letters look like, just log on to our website, you'll find the letters and the details in the investigator's section. >> another area can be stressful, dealing with the move. imagine packing, watching your stuff get put on the truck and having all your personal belongings held hostage for months. it's a common scream -- scheme. we deal into a maryland move per accused of -- mover accused of holding items for ran some. one young lady who fought this mover for months is tired of
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paying up front. >> i'm not going to be like these people who have paid $8,000 and $5,000 to these people who can get over on this. i'm too smart for this. i'm too cunning for this. i'm not going to let them get away with it. they picked the wrong person. >> tonight at 11, or proper stories who put their trust in a maryland mover. >> coming up, the disease affects millions of women every year. how the new results about breast cancer and genes can offer new hope for women. >> we're hours away from the live season premiere of "dancing with the stars." a look at the last-minute preparations. >> we've all played on them but children's experts are now calling for a boycott. where you my want to get rid of that backyard trampoline. stay with us.
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big news in the fight against breast breast. the results of a new study, the largest effort so far to look at some of the genetic causes of breast cancer could lead to more effective treatments, but that's going to take some time. >> reporter: the new study is the largest of its kind conducted, looking at breast cancer on the genetic level, mapping the origin by analyzing tumors. some experts are causing it a major step forward. >> it will give us a lot of information top understand treatment better. >> reporter: breast cancer falls into four distinct categories and sometimes acts like others. dr. richard besser said women
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suffering from some form could mean better treatments. >> some cans sers are much like ovarian cancer. that may lead some doctors to treat them with other drugs. >> but the red map isn't complete -- road map isn't complete. >> it's like a map with cities, villages and towns but doesn't have the bridges, stop signs. >> i find the study exciting but it's really a stay tuned situation. it will be years. >> reporter: experts say for now most breast cancer patients will have to wait for clinical trials and studies. not a bad afternoon.
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mostly sunny skies. it's a beautiful shot downtown. we're at 67 degrees. bone dry humidity. winds are out of the west, just about seven, a very strong pressure reading. so that's an indication we have high pressure on top. we made it to 68 degrees despite sunshine. morning low 61. we should be around 75, not touching the record high in 2010 of 95 degrees. just about 7:00. that's when the sun crosses the horizon. 67 downtown. 67 hagerstown. winds are calm. here's your hour by hour forecast. cool conditions. we're back to the 50s tomorrow morning. it will be warmer tomorrow with a blend of mostly sunny skies. notice a little system. most of that stays toward new england, maybe a few high clouds
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but a mainly clear sky overnight. go back down to the south. notice moisture gathering. a bet of a cold front to the north. temperatures pretty mild down in dallas. 96 degrees. we'll get into milder air as we head into tomorrow afternoon. a blend of sunshine and clouds before things start to scheang by wednesday. here's some of the clouds by tomorrow night. tomorrow afternoon a pretty nice looking day. here come some rain showers by wednesday morning into wednesday afternoon. that could bring in the chance for spotty showers. 48 in town, mostly clear, chilly, temperature around 75 with the late day clouds. 80 by wednesday. a few showers could pop into the picture. thursday is dry and friday going into the weekend. a sizable storm by the weekend. we'll talk about that at 5:30. >> all right. get ready.
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dancing with the stars is back. we're going tout to l.a. to get a look at the final preparations for tonight's big premiere. if you thought bill belichick behaved badly, just wait. he has nothing on someone accused of stalking an opponent.
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this is what it's all about right here. the stars are back tonight on "dancing with the stars" with a two-hour live season premeemplet former winner -- premiere. former winners are here and the dancers will be hotter, pick up
5:24 pm
where they left off. here's a sneak peek of what you can expect tonight. >> reporter: let the battle begin. this season, the best of the best, are returning to kick up their heels again for "dancing with the stars" all stars and this time around wishes -- winners from past season are competing against those who fell short of the mirror balled trophy. they include emmitt smith, shawn johnson and nick la chaye. and this time most of the
5:25 pm
contestants expect a few curve balances. >> i know those judges in particular will expect us to be 10 times better. >> reporter: sam chose the 13th contestant, chita girl, is a sabrina bryan. >> i can do this. >> reporter: and "dancing with the stars" all stars kicks off in the sound stage behind me with a couple of musical performances. both justin bieber and pitbull will be taking the stage. >> all right. that is going to be hot. the premiere starts here with that live two-hour premiere. then keep it here for my favorite show, castle and stick around for abc2 at 11:00. coming up residents and
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visitors in annapolis are being warned to leave their valuables in parked cars out of sight. and a youth baseball coach, accused of sending threatening text messages to an opponent. the victim tells us what set the rival coach off. >> they can be a lot of fun in the backyard but parents are warn -- are being warned about the dangers of the trampolines. >> we're tracking another system in the rockies. we'll explain next. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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a celebration turned violent over the weekend in towson. people filled the streets in the business district. others clashed with police.
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the gunman still at large. three young men were arrested and charged with assault. >> the ravens pulled off a nail biting last-minute victory. this tonight focus is on the officials. fans are getting increasingly frustrated with these replacement reps. there are few signs of progress. >> and tonight a big development in the fight against breast cancer. a new study confirmed earlier findings show that breast cancer falls into a different category. the result of this genetic study could mean more treatment options for women right away but those patients will have to wait for clinical trials and studies before any new drugs become

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